Website To APK

Website To APK 1.0

Convert your website into a mobile APK App for Android

Convert your WIX website into a stand alone App for Android (APK) and iOS, online and easily. With Push Notification (Firebase) support and many extra features. Set the Splash Screen, the Icon, the Toolbar and the Colors of your App so your App will feel and look as a real and professional mobile App. You can easily set the ownership and certification of your App, with your own alias name and password, so your App will be set to your own company. You can push notifications to your App end users by using the Messaging services of Firebase. Just upload your Firebase settings files to the Firebase section of the App Maker and the magic will be made for you! We have already included the SDKs of Firebase to your App automatically. Just add your Ad App-ID and the Ad Unit-ID to the 'Add AdMob banner' in the Extra Feature of the App Maker, our system will generate your App with the banner of the AdMob. Set the Internet and the Storage Permissions, Zoom Control, Caching, HTTP requests, New Window and the Screen Orientation of your App, with a few clicks, in the Settings section of the App Maker.

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